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Restoration of the Month

Hi everyone!

This Amazing Fantasy #15 was a real challenge. Tape removal, large tears, writing on front cover, and bad attempts to remove it. Matching the grey background was especially difficult. For those of you that are unaware, the grey background is made from black dots, and the white paper.



Restoration of The Month

Barely in time for his 75th Anniversary, we have a Captain America #1, with work done only to the cover. This copy was brittle on the right side, which caused the loss of the corners. There also were several pieces of tape on interior of cover holding loose pieces on right edge, half way up. After tape removal, washing, re-attach the loose pieces, leaf-cast, then recreate the missing art on the corner, plus color touch, the book is done.



Pressing of the week

It’s been a while, very busy summer, I should start calling it pressing of the month, but I am always optimistic. I usually post older books not because I don’t do moderns, or they don’t yield results, but mostly because they don’t have major defects that show well in pictures. This Preacher #1 is a great example of how even moderns can be pressed properly, and removing serious defects. I was praying these creases would come out, and it worked!


Preacher 1 ba1

Comic Restoration of the Month


I have restored much worse off books than this Brave & Bold #28, but this book was not without its challenges. The tape on back cover was tough, requiring aggression to the point the black inks ran. Front cover had a few small pieces missing, two tough colors to match since they were made up of dots.

bb28ba3 bb28ba4 bb28ba5