With our comic book restoration services you can take your low-grade investment and transform it into something with fantastic eye appeal.

Restoration on your comics is done not only to make it more desirable to collectors, but also for the sake of our hobby where many of these great treasures are decaying and falling apart due to age and mishandling.

Many of these comics can be brought back to life, becoming higher grades with great eye appeal.

See the difference!

Comic Book Restoration - All Star comics BEFORE
Comic Book Restoration - All Star comics AFTER

Comic Book Restoration - Action comics BEFORE
Comic Book Restoration - Action comics AFTER

Comic Book Restoration - Captain America BEFORE
Comic Book Restoration - Captain America AFTER

Comic Book Restoration - Adventure Comics BEFORE
Comic Book Restoration - Adventure Comics AFTER

Comic Book Restoration FAQ

How much does it cost to restore my book?

There are many factors to consider when giving the cost for a project, but a basic full restore is often $1500+. In order to provide a quote for work, the book needs to be delivered to Hero Restoration for evaluation. The fee for this is $40, what we charge to return ship express should the client choose not to proceed with the work.

Is it worth it to restore my book?

Answer: Most of the time a client does not want to restore a book if it means the investment will exceed it’s value. It has been our experience that if the book in it’s current condition is not at least $1500 in value, it is not worth doing work to. The exception is for minor work, such as conservation, including tape removal.

With few exceptions the book should be 1963 or older, and in GD condition or less (Ideally, it should be a fair or less) to maximize your return on investment.

What are some typical comic book restoration processes?

Washing both with organic and inorganic solvents to remove various stains, dust shadows, tanning, preventing continued acid hydrolysis and the first step in treating brittle paper.

Tape and tape stain removal.

Leaf casting which replaces missing paper including damaged or missing spine, 1/3 of the cover or page missing, and results typically look and feel as though the paper was never missing.

Color touch and art recreation including text such as coupons and ad’s, art and lettering. Staple cleaning or replacement with vintage ones.

Turnaround Time

Please add 2-6 months for each additional book.

Turnaround Time For Extensive Restoration Turnaround Time For Slight Restoration
Estimated Turnaround Time: 10 MonthsCurrent Turnaround Time: 16 Months Estimated Turnaround Time: 6 MonthsCurrent Turnaround Time: 8 Months

More Examples

We regularly post detailed examples of our comic book restoration work on my restoration blog. Be sure to check it out and visit often!

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