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Adventure Comics #61 – A restoration star

This major key, the first appearance of Starman, had no where to go but up. It had been restored by an amateur a long time ago so it graded at an aproximate 1.5 extensive amateur which is almost worse case senerio.

Work performed was remove old restoration, wash cover and pages, leaf cast the cover and the first page, color touch cover and first page, clean staples and a final pressing.

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Journey Into Mystery…and restoration!

This first appearance of Thor also featured an appearance by the dreaded SUBSCRIPTION CREASE!!! See how I defeated this vile defect and restored Thor to his rightful glory!


The subscription crease might be hard to see so be sure to click on each image to view a larger size. These types of defects do not always disappear with restoration, but on this book it did. The last picture shows how well the book graded at CGC.

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An All-Star restoration project – From 0.5 to 6.5!

What an amazing experience it was to work on this great DC key issue: All-Star #3 First Appearance of The Justice Society Of America!

It needed extensive work throughout, tape stains removed from cover and 1st page wrap, whole book washed, leaf casting to replace paper on cover and pages and color touch. View the progress of my work on the book below as I took it from a very poor condition that was literally falling apart all the way to a certified Fine+

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Ghost Rider #4 – Case of the clipped coupon

ghost rider 4 - 3

Clipping coupons may save you money but in comic books that was a terrible idea!

The book was missing a coupon out of the back cover and had a coupon on both sides. Since it is in an off-while area, my options for repair were limited. If it was available on a worthless book I could have considered grabbing the coupon from another book and hoping the off-white matched.

I could also have considered printing off the double sided coupon but the off-white would have been even more unlikely to match. The printer cannot print off-white, instead it creates the illusion of off-white by relying on the white paper itself and then using a combination of yellow, red and blue dots. Besides the drawback of the off-white there is another issue I have with doing it that way. While it would be hard to notice in a picture or scan, in hand a graft would be very noticeable and due to alignment issues would have had to be two pieces stuck together.
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Showcase #8 – Restored in a FLASH!

Welcome to latest restoration case study, this time i’ve restored a copy of DC comics Showcase #8, which is the 2nd appearance of Silver Age Flash (and the 1st appearance of Captain Cold!)

The primary problem with this cover, was a large chunk missing from the back cover. I used a combination of leaf-casting, and grafting art from another cover to make this book complete.

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