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Comic Restoration of the Month


I have restored much worse off books than this Brave & Bold #28, but this book was not without its challenges. The tape on back cover was tough, requiring aggression to the point the black inks ran. Front cover had a few small pieces missing, two tough colors to match since they were made up of dots.

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Adventure Comics #61 – A restoration star

This major key, the first appearance of Starman, had no where to go but up. It had been restored by an amateur a long time ago so it graded at an aproximate 1.5 extensive amateur which is almost worse case senerio.

Work performed was remove old restoration, wash cover and pages, leaf cast the cover and the first page, color touch cover and first page, clean staples and a final pressing.

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Showcase #8 – Restored in a FLASH!

Welcome to latest restoration case study, this time i’ve restored a copy of DC comics Showcase #8, which is the 2nd appearance of Silver Age Flash (and the 1st appearance of Captain Cold!)

The primary problem with this cover, was a large chunk missing from the back cover. I used a combination of leaf-casting, and grafting art from another cover to make this book complete.

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