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Due to our knowledge of paper and restoration we consider our comic book pressing skills to be of exceptional professional quality, with documented results that you can see from our examples shown below. As one of the oldest and largest in the industry, you can trust your getting the very best service possible.

Why Comic Book Pressing?

Comic book pressing often reduces or removes defects such as dents, bends, non-color break creases, spine rolls, warping, rippling caused from moisture damage, bent overhangs, amateur pressing damage, and similar defects. Removing these defects will usually increase the grade of the book, which translates into increased value. It is not uncommon for a book to increase 3 grades from pressing (i.e. 9.2-9.8). For example, if a Hulk 181 in 9.2 is pressed into a 9.8, the value has increase by thousands of dollars. Even if it only goes up to a 9.4, the value has increased over a thousand dollars. This isn’t exclusive to high grade books—we had an Avengers #1 go from a 2.0 to a 3.5 which increased its value substantially. Check out some of our amazing grade bumps!

Hero Restoration - Comic Pressing Example

DD 1 4 point bump


Hero Restoration - Comic Pressing Example

Note: Independent grading companies such as CGC/CBCS do not consider pressing to be restoration.

More Examples

We regularly post detailed examples of our pressing and restoration work on our official blog. Be sure to check it out and visit often!

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Pressing fee & Turnaround times

Pressing fee will include standard machine press, hand pressing for overhangs and dents, spine rolls and dry cleaning which removes surface dirt and pencil. Books will be re-bagged if bag is damaged, self sealing or is Mylar at no charge if going to CGC/CBCS.  If books need to be removed from a slab, it is $5 per book.


Age and FMV pricing is for Comic books. Game Manuals are $20, $Game boxes are $45. Game Maps are $25.
Other pressable items are listed below.
Pressing Turnaround times updated 3/20/2020

Price list


Fast track Tier includes dry cleaning.

*Quick Path Tier receives the same FULL PRESSING SERVICE as the other turnaround times, but is routed straight to pressing queue, skipping pre-screen and dry cleaning checkpoints, saving you time and money. Please pre-screen your books to determine if this is right option.

If submitting books for multiple turnaround times, please use a separate form for each turnaround.

Turnaround times are estimate, not a guaranty.