Comic Book Pressing Prices

Pressing prices will include: Standard machine press, hand pressing for overhangs and dents, spine rolls and dry cleaning which removes surface dirt and pencil. Books will be re-bagged if bag is damaged, self sealing or is Mylar at no charge if going to CGC/CBCS.  If books need to be removed from a slab, it is $5 per book.

The following Pressing Prices apply to these collectables:
Comics, Magazines, Lobby Cards, Lithographs, and Sports Cards

01/13/18 WE ARE CURRENTLY  ON TIME FOR ALL TIERS!! New Fast Track limit is 25 books!

Comic book pressing prices


Fast track & Standard Tier’s includes dry cleaning.

*Quick Path Tier receives the same FULL PRESSING SERVICE as the other turnaround times, but is routed straight to pressing queue, skipping pre-screen and dry cleaning checkpoints, saving you time and money. Please pre-screen your books to determine if this is right option.

If submitting books for multiple turnaround times, please use a separate form for each turnaround.

Any order larger than 50 books may require additional time to complete.

Turnaround times are estimates, not a guaranty.

Pre-Screening Prices

We offer a wide array of pre-screening services to help you get the most out of your collectible.

Except for restoration check Pre-screen service is only available on standard turnaround tier.

Pre-screen for pressing candidate is $2 per book, rejects only. (Books are automatically screened just prior to press at no charge).

Pre-screen for a minimum grade is $2 per book. (Can be screened for any grade)

Full Grading service is $3 per book. (For when you want more than a screen for minimum). Includes graders notes.

Comic Book Restoration Check is $3 per book.

Evaluating books for potential restoration is another pre-screen service. The best way to evaluate a book for restoration is to have it in hand for a detailed inspection. That way you can be fully informed on all the defects, processes to correct those defects, potential risk of certain processes and the anticipated results. There is no charge for this service.

Comic Book Restoration Prices

Cost for restoration depends on the book, and how much work is to be done. A rough estimate can be given with photos/scans. An exact quote is given when the book is in hand, and that price does not change unless the customer request more work to be done. Other than return shipping, there is no charge to give an estimate.