Hero Restoration Update 5/25/20

Currently Fast Track is 3 weeks, Standard Tier is 12 weeks.

CGC/CBCS update: 4/7/20

Both companies are reporting fully functional facility.

Hero Restoration Update 5/6/20

We are now currently on time on all pressing tiers.

Hero Restoration Update 4/22/20

We have been hard at work, and are catching up. Currently Fast Track is 3 weeks, and Standard is 12-13 week. We expect Standard Tier to return to 11 weeks with a week, or two.

Hero Restoration Update 4/7/20

We are open, customer service is available, and we are getting work done. Because of the reduced hours in restoration and pressing, many submissions are running late.
Currently Fast Track pressing is 4 weeks, and Standard Tier 14 weeks. We expect this to continue until we resume normal activity.
We appreciate all the support/submissions during a time most business’s are struggling.
If you are unable to reach CGC or CBCS, or look up online stats, we can help! Our long standing relationship with both has kept us connected, with access.

CGC update: 4/7/20

CGC remains open and fully operational at its Sarasota, Florida headquarters and its office in London.

CGC meets a number of criteria for essential services according to Florida Executive Order 20-91, issued on April 1 by Governor DeSantis. The Executive Order specifically defines “essential services” to include, among many others, businesses that interact with customers electronically or by telephone and deliver products through the mail, manufacturing facilities, businesses that supply other essential businesses, and businesses that provide access to financial services, including non-bank financial services.

In addition to the enhanced cleaning and safety protocols previously instituted, including frequent cleanings of all work areas, CGC has taken the following immediate steps:

All customer drop-offs and pick-ups at its Sarasota headquarters, including the recently implemented Contactless Curbside Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs, have been suspended.
Any additional employees who have been identified as being able to do a substantial portion of their work from home will be required to do so.
CGC Customer Service representatives are working from home and remain available to help. The fastest way to reach CGC Customer Service is to email Service@CGCcomics.com.

CBCS Update 4/9/20

Pursuant to Code 418.108, issued by the County of Dallas, Beckett and CBCS will be working with a very limited staff in our Dallas offices, until at least April 30, 2020. These few employees will be following strict guidelines to keep themselves safe while in the office, while trying to process your orders. During this time, please know that we will continue to have staff on hand to accept submissions that are mailed in however, turnaround times for the orders could be slower.

Beckett/CBCS will continue to answer as many calls and emails as possible during this time so please feel free to reach out if necessary. We do understand that this worldwide situation might not be ideal for our customers, but we hope you do understand Beckett/CBCS are doing what they can to keep things as “normal” as possible. We will do our best to update you if/when things change. Please continue to be safe as we work our way through this very unusual situation.

Jeromy Murray
VP – Grading & Authentication

(BGS/BVG) grading@beckett.com
(BAS) authentication@beckett.com
(CBCS) customerservice@cbcscomics.com