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New Mutants 87

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I have been posting on Instagram, and Facebook, and neglected to include those post here. Here’s a mangled New Mutants 87 I pressed, enjoy!


Pressing of the Month

Amateur embossing is one of the toughest pressable defects to remove. Even if it is flat and flush, there are usually signs it was there, like stress lines from damaged fibers. I previously posted an Amazing Spider-Man #129, on that book the embossing came out 100%. On this Fantastic Four, the paper is nearly flattened 100% of the embossing, and in many places paper fiber damage is not visible. While this before and after is not a perfect example, it shows that Hero Restoration can give the book that extra needed to get the best grade bump possible.


Pressing of the Month

GSX1 029


Pressing of the Month

This Giant Size X-Men exhibited a very rare defect. The paper had bubbled out on both sides of the the paper, causing the paper to separate internally. It is speculated to be caused by a organic solvent splashing onto the surface. Removing this type of defect is difficult, especially in the middle of the cover. Fortunately, with our advanced pressing techniques we were able to completely remove the defects. Speaking of which, one of our clients asked me, Mike, why do you take the pictures in such bright light, and at a low angle. I explained to him that I want everyone to see there is no trace of the defect after pressing, taking pictures in lower light, or from top down steep angle hides slight defects, and misleads readers.

Pressing of the Month

Well shoot, I cannot believe it is half way through April already. I would have posted sooner, but have been very busy keeping our pressing schedule on time. Today I have a book that has cooled off some, but Avengers #54 is still a common book to press here. This copy got hit very hard down at the corner of the spine, but looks like it cleared up with our advanced pressing techniques.

Avengers #54

Pressing of the week

It’s been a while, very busy summer, I should start calling it pressing of the month, but I am always optimistic. I usually post older books not because I don’t do moderns, or they don’t yield results, but mostly because they don’t have major defects that show well in pictures. This Preacher #1 is a great example of how even moderns can be pressed properly, and removing serious defects. I was praying these creases would come out, and it worked!


Preacher 1 ba1

Pressing of the Week

Thought this time I would do a double shot of two hot books right now, X-Factor #6, and Marvel Comics Super Special #1 (Kiss), the blood in the ink issue. Both had common issue, a corner that got crunched, and a spine crease from the book bending, nothing a little extra work couldn’t repair.

Kiss 1 IG