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I just wanted to thank Mike for his services! I had my personal comics (Journey Into Mystery 85 and Spiderman 19) I didn’t expect much back because they showed there “age”, but hot damn they looked way better to me. The JIM 85 was beat to heck(to me it was a 2.5) and the Spiderman 19 ( looked like a 7.5) I sent them in to get autographed and cgc graded. When they came back, the Spidey book was and 8.5! and craziest, the JIM 85 was a solid 5.5!!!! Mike is my go to guy for comics from now on!


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Thank you so much, just got the grades on the Daredevil 1 and the Incredible Hulk 180 you pressed for me.
The Daredevil 1 that was a CGC 3.0 received a CGC 5.0. The Incredible Hulk 180 got a 5.0
I have had the Daredevil 1 since I was around 11 years old.
The way you ship is the best I have seen.

Once again I cannot thank you enough,

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I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you are truly a “Master” in your profession.

I’m just blown away by your SUPERB work.

To say that I’m happy is an understatement.

Thank you very much.

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Have nothing but high praise for Mike and Hero Restoration! Sent in a Hulk 181 that probably would have graded around a 6 and a Giant Size X-Men 1 in similar condition. I had Mike clean and press the books and then forward them to CGC for the nice 20% discount! When I got my books back from CGC the Hulk was a 7.5 and the Giant Size X-Men 1 was a 8.5! You can do the research to see how much value Mike added to these books! The best part about it was the total time from when the books left my hands to getting them back graded was barely over a month! Could not be happier about the whole experience and plan to continue to do business with Hero Restoration!

Jeremy M. Long
The Long Box

Just wanted to inform people of my experience with Hero Restoration. I have sent in a couple of books to get pressed and the service is phenomenal. Hero Restoration is quick and efficient. It’s especially nice to get some before and after pics of my pressed books. I know pressing is debatable, but sometimes those high valued books are out of our league. It’s nice that there’s an alternative way to possibly own what we thought we could not have.

I’ve sent a number of comic books to Mike, ranging from GA to Moderns. The quality of his work is top notch. If you have not worked with Mike before, you will find that he is very responsive. And once you use his service, I guarantee you’ll be back. He cares about his craft to an extreme, which is evident each and every time you talk with him. I give Mike my highest recommendation. You won’t be disappointed.

I don’t see anyone being able to press better than Mike. His results are always outstanding. For example turning my Pink Panther CGC 8.5 into a CGC 9.2 is unbelievable. So professional too in the way he runs his business. I always write down what I think the final grade would be AFTER pressing and it’s almost always higher! For his prices and his level of skill their is no point in going elsewhere. The thing I like most about Mike is he’s not some stuffy businessman but a great guy and a pleasure to deal with.

I have had good results with Mike. I have sent books in for pressing and have pleased with the results. Best result is a Fantastic Four #60 SS Stan Lee 9.6 with Mikes pressing service. Customer service was top notch, communication with Mike was tops, showing progress photos of books being pressed. Highly recommended to anyone looking for affordable pressing services. I have recommended a couple of friends and they are pleased with work.

Great attention to detail with the pressing service! Spine roll removal was unbelievable, but the whole service was top notch and I don’t think could be improved upon by anyone! Highly Recommended! Thanks!

I want to tell you that the comics looked very good. I really liked how X Men 121 cleaned up on the back cover and pressed out. You even managed to lighten the small grease spot on the back cover of X Men 266. I’d like to send a few more items to you over the next few months. I will contact you in advance to reconfirm the submission process. Thanks again Mike.

To take a three piece rag of a comic ( my All Star #3 , my grade 1.0 ) and be able to convert it to a CGC 6.5, is nothing less than astonishing!