Meet The Hero Restoration Team!

Comic Books Restoration Expert Mike DeChellis
Mike DeChellis, Manager and Owner

An entrepreneur, and jack of all trades, Mike’s passion for comics lead him to learn paper conservation, and provide that to the comic community. His restoration and entrepreneur experience dates all the way back to when Mike was 13, restoring and selling bicycles in the local newspaper. Mike is fully educated in paper conservation, specifically in depth knowledge of comic paper, and how it has changed over the last 90 years.  Mike’s primary function at HR is to ensure customer satisfaction is at the highest possible, and Mike personally checks every book to make sure it is ready to ship. Mike’s observation and situational skills helps ensure your books are getting the right services, the right results, and the right grading tiers. Mike also still performs pressing and restoration duties as well.

Sophie Vietri, Colorist

Sophie has been practicing art with almost every art medium since she was very young, and very much a perfectionist when it comes to her work. Like most artistic types, she frustratingly will never be satisfied with the outcome of her work, and it goes without saying there is sleep lose. Her loss is your gain, you won’t be disappointed.
Sophie’s talent goes beyond color, she is able to draw super heroes excellently without reference. Add to it her love for collecting comics, and Sophie is the perfect person to help bring your books back to life, and higher grade of course.


Barry Johnson, Conservation Technician

Barry Loves to dry clean books, and makes sure your books are looking as spiffy as possible. When not busy dry cleaning, Barry is pressing those books in preparation for Quality Control.



Toni Martinez, Conservation Technician

Toni is terrific at pressing books, Shipping and receiving. Her attention to detail, patience, and respect for the books themselves makes her a great addition to the Hero Restoration team.

Brandon Daza, Lab Technician

Just like Mike, Brandon followed his passion for comics into the paper
conservation world. He started learning some basics from a friend who worked in the preservation and conservation department at UNLV. Now, under Mike’s tutelage, he applies the same traditional and archival techniques. Brandon’s number one focus is the integrity of the paper and treats each comic as if it is his own.